A letter to my fellow humans

The pen is mightier than the sword they say. Somehow the power hungry human forgot the influence the pen had. So I wanted to use this to try and see if I can; if not change the world, at least make you question.

My question for today is: Why are you alive?

Are you alive to sit behind a machine and mock at other? Are you alive to stand by against everything happening around you? Are you alive to live unhappily?

Is that why you were born?

It look me a long time to realise that I was born to make a difference. But it wont be easy. The difference between man and a king is in ignorance. A man ignores whats wrong and a king doesn’t. Cause a time will come when your life will end and you will question, “Did I do enough?” But why wait till redemption?

In a country where cows are safer than women, where religion is cause to kill, where poverty lies just around the corner, where children kill themselves in pressure and fear. What are we doing to change it?

A child grows up competing for love, acceptance, appreciation. Cause we made it that way. A child grows up in insecurities cause we make them doubt themselves. A child grows rebellious cause we don’t let them fly.

It all cause we are not doing what is right for ourselves, for our family and for our country.

SO I ask again- WHY ARE YOU ALIVE?